The “read” necklace

You may remember I was on The Marilyn Denis Show a few weeks back. After many of you watched the online video, I had a tremendous number of comments on the necklace I was wearing, wondering where you could get one. If you didn’t see the video and are wondering about my necklace, here’s a picture:

If you’ve been following me long enough, you probably know I’m a huge fan of Etsy, so it’s probably no surprise that I bought this necklace (I actually bought several of them) on Etsy a few months back. The seller is sweetfairyboutique and she has a number of necklaces crafted of the same material, so you should check out her shop, but the READ necklace can be found specifically here for the seriously dirt cheap price of $8.50.

I mentioned I bought a few of these (I gifted them to friends) and the seller was kind enough to gift me a few more when I told her I had worn her necklace on the show and wanted to give her an opportunity to get them into her shop before I linked to them. I’ve now seen them in every color and they are all beautiful, but I think the blue is my new favorite. But I’m still glad I had the red to wear on the show, because I think it stood out and really sent my message along! Read more books! (especially Carina Press and Harlequin books, of course)

If you’re an author, an artist, or otherwise a creative person, you may also be interested in the necklaces that read CREATE. I have this one, in script, to give away in a future contest but you can also get them in the same block font as the READ necklace. They look beautiful in script and I can’t recommend these necklaces enough for the low price!

And I promise, should I ever be fortunate enough to appear on TV again, you’ll get to experience more of my reading-related Etsy jewelry. I have more!

Until next time, New York

I was in NYC this week for Digital Book World and I snapped a few photos with my iPhone as we were leaving the city (the night after nearly a foot and a half of snow)

Another week, another city

I spent this last week in Toronto, capped off by my appearance on The Marilyn Denis Show (more on that later). I spent yesterday doing a lot of frantic work so I could take off late afternoon and do some 1:1 with Brianna at the movies. We went to see Yogi Bear in 3D. I could have lived forever without seeing Yogi Bear at all, let alone in the theatre, at 3D prices. But hey, there was popcorn, and my favorite 6 year old and she had a great time.

Today I’m going to do a variety of things that include more work (I’m boring), laundry, baking, packing and generally all the things I didn’t get to do yesterday. Because I leave tomorrow again. This time for New York City, where I’ll be attending Digital Book World. I have to admit, if I’d known I’d need to be in Toronto this past week, I probably would have skipped DBW because I also have to be in Chicago the week after. So I’d have taken this next week to catch up on work (and sleep and family). But instead, I’m going to go to DBW and get myself schooled on publishing, and digital, and changes, and future predictions. It will be enjoyable because there will be meals and networking with peers that I genuinely like and enjoy. Always a bonus!

I do have a giveaway to do (several in fact, including a Kindle) so I’ll be back for that in the upcoming weeks! But sadly, no weekly menu again this week because I won’t be around to cook. Next week!

I’m going to be on TV

I kind of meant to post this earlier, but I’m in Toronto and have been either in meetings, or preparing for meetings, for three solid days. But just in case any of my readers are in Canada, I thought I’d let you know that on Thursday, January 20th (tomorrow) at 10a Eastern, I’m going to be on the Marilyn Denis Show doing a segment on digital devices.

I don’t know for sure, but if you’re not in Canada, it looks like they may stream it online and, if nothing else, the clip may be up on the website later in the day.

This is something new for me, as I don’t think I’ve ever been on TV before (other than a political commercial when I was in 6th grade–for a Republican senator, hahaha– and a news interview when I was a “flood refugee” years ago) and certainly I’ve never been on live TV before.

Happily, I’m still not too nervous, but I can’t speak for what I’ll be like in the morning!

Perhaps you’ve noticed…

I’ve been blogging a bit more the past few weeks. I’d like to say it’s going to be like this around here again from now on but truthfully the reason is simple: I had a lot of time off over the holidays and it’s a LOT easier for me to blog when I’m not working. I have more time and creative energy. Blogging takes time and lots of creative energy. Blogging intelligently takes even more time.A? And time is something I’m going to have in short supply now that the holidays are over. In the next six weeks I’ll be taking no less than 4 trips of 4-6 days each. And we all know how great I am at blogging while I’m traveling.

But I’ll try. I’ve been doing this blogging thing for enough years that I don’t have any intention of abandoning it yet! And, in the meantime, you can always find me on Twitter and Facebook. And quite vocal there too!

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