By popular request (okay ONE person) I’m going to try and do some weekly menus the weeks I’m not traveling. I’m traveling a lot of weeks, though, so we’ll see. Lately I’ve been pretty bored with the recipes in my general repertoire, so making menus has been a chore. Not aided by the general pickiness of the people I’m cooking for, making it harder to be creative.

I should also say that I’ve created a few menus the past month and have then done a terrible job of following them, for a variety of reasons. So we’ll see how well I do at this one. As an example, sausage and lentil soup has been on the menu for three weeks now.

Sunday: I defrosted a london broil last night that I decided to make as a pot roast in the slow cooker. I’m trying out this recipe (I should note I’m the only one in this house who actually likes pot roast, but that’s okay with me)

Monday: Salsa chicken in crockpot, spanish rice and corn muffins

Tuesday: Leftovers. Cooking on Tuesdays never works for me (it’s a busy work day and B has swim team)

Wednesday: Sausage and lentil soup

Thursday: Breakfast for dinner. Pancakes & bacon. Maybe hashbrowns and/or eggs. Updated to add a link to these waffles, which I will totally make if I can find my waffle iron.

Friday: Flat roast chicken (new-to-me recipe), potatoes and mashed cauliflower (another new-to-me recipe)

Saturday: Nothing planned. Dinner out? Leftovers? Frozen pizza?

Whew. That hurt my brain. I’m glad it’s done. What’s on your menu?

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