I spent this last week in Toronto, capped off by my appearance on The Marilyn Denis Show (more on that later). I spent yesterday doing a lot of frantic work so I could take off late afternoon and do some 1:1 with Brianna at the movies. We went to see Yogi Bear in 3D. I could have lived forever without seeing Yogi Bear at all, let alone in the theatre, at 3D prices. But hey, there was popcorn, and my favorite 6 year old and she had a great time.

Today I’m going to do a variety of things that include more work (I’m boring), laundry, baking, packing and generally all the things I didn’t get to do yesterday. Because I leave tomorrow again. This time for New York City, where I’ll be attending Digital Book World. I have to admit, if I’d known I’d need to be in Toronto this past week, I probably would have skipped DBW because I also have to be in Chicago the week after. So I’d have taken this next week to catch up on work (and sleep and family). But instead, I’m going to go to DBW and get myself schooled on publishing, and digital, and changes, and future predictions. It will be enjoyable because there will be meals and networking with peers that I genuinely like and enjoy. Always a bonus!

I do have a giveaway to do (several in fact, including a Kindle) so I’ll be back for that in the upcoming weeks! But sadly, no weekly menu again this week because I won’t be around to cook. Next week!

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