I’m going to give you permission for something, not that you need MY permission, but it might make you feel better to know that editors and agents really do understand…

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When you get The Call, whether it’s your very first or your tenth, it’s okay if you take a moment or five to be incoherent. If your emotions get the best of you, and you feel a little teary, or you want to be excited and babble and make absolutely no sense, it’s okay. We won’t hold it against you. Editors and agents know this is a big moment for a lot of authors, and we usually plan for this and follow-up with an email detailing the conversation. And even if we don’t, it’s okay to email later to tell us you were so overwhelmed with excitement, you missed some of the details, and would we just explain again. Honestly, we get it. This is huge for you, so take a moment to bask in it.

The only thing I ask is that you not make me listen to you throwing up because you’re so overcome (no, that’s never happened, I just wanted to add that caveat).

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