A few years ago…okay 6 years ago, when Brianna was just a baby, only 4 months old, we had something happen that’s horrible at any time but I think especially horrible when you’re a new parent with a new baby: we had a fatal computer crash. That was at a time when I kind of knew I should be backing up somehow, but the same options (Dropbox, Carbonite, SugarSync, Time Machine) weren’t available to me. Like any brand new parents, we’d taken a rather large amount of pictures of our precious bundle of joy…many of which were lost along with The Crash. We’d, of course, shared a lot of them with our family members, so we were able to get some of them back. But there were still some lost.

A few years down the road (maybe two) Josh had a coworker who had a hobby of working with older and crashed computers. Somehow, Josh ended up handing over our old computer to him (yes, we still had it) in hopes that he could do something with recovering the files (we gave him the computer, all we asked is that if he recovered the files, he pass them on to us). More years passed (now four) and we’d given up on and pretty much forgotten that computer, though we’d occasionally speak regretfully about the pictures we’d lost.

And then, last week, I mentioned that Josh had brought me a home a surprise that was so awesome, so wonderful, it made me cry. Maybe you see where this story is going?

I haven’t seen some of these pictures for six years. You’re damn straight I cried. And not only were there pictures, but a few videos as well.

Best early Valentine’s Day present EVER.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, her eyes still are that blue.

Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you’re as lucky in love as I’ve been.

And to my husband: I love you. Thanks for being my best friend and an amazing father. Give our daughter a kiss for me.

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