Sometimes there comes along a song that I hear, and it makes me think of my husband. And I smile. Right now, there are two songs on the radio that do that for me.

The first one is especially poignant for me because my mom passed away when I was 17, so she never met Josh. But I know she’d have liked him. This song is so him.

And this one, well… Josh is my best friend. This week we have the week to ourselves while Brianna stays with my in-laws. And it is always an incredible amount of fun to spend time with just the two of us. Because we really do like and enjoy each other. I adore that about him, about us. So there’s no way this song could not remind me of him.

(as a side note, this video cracks me up. And also? Jennifer Nettles is too adorable for words. It’s just not fair!)

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