As many of you who follow me on Twitter know, I had a computer catastrophe yesterday in the form of a hard drive failure on my MacBook. The computer started giving me the spinning beachball of death around 11am, and no amount of restarting, repairing of permissions or otherwise would get it to let me run even one program for more than a few minutes. Thus, we road trip’d to the nearest Genius Bar last night (depressing that I had to go to the Apple store and my trip didn’t end with an iPad2), only to be told that my hard drive was “in really bad shape”. So bad that they didn’t even want to try and wipe and reformat it. They just want to replace it. Unfortunately, they didn’t have one of my drives in stock, so it had to be sent out for repair and I may not have it back until next week. Mac withdrawals!

There are several pieces of good news here. The first is that I’m a freak about maintaining good backups. Backing up is actually its own lesson in my Before You Hit Send Self-Editing Workshop, I think it’s that important. And since I practice what I preach, I’m fortunate to have backed up my iTunes files to Josh’s computer, have my entire hard drive backed up by Carbonite, and have all of my important, must-be-able-to-access files on Dropbox. So I can continue to work (on a backup PC laptop we had) while my computer is being fixed. Any lost time comes in having to set up the new computer, not from lost files.

The second good news is that I had bought Apple Care for my MacBook before the warranty expired last year. It seemed like an expensive investment to me, but Kassia Krozser @booksquare had told me when I bought the Mac to be sure to get Apple Care. So I did, and I’m extremely glad. Instead of having to pay for the new hard drive (and possibly new CD drive, as that wasn’t working properly either), everything was covered under Apple Care. That made things a little better.

The last piece of good news is that we are a multi-laptop family and I do have something else I can work on, and take with me when I leave on my travels on Friday. Now that I’ve mostly got this laptop set up with all of my most-used programs, I can get some actual work done the next few days. Whew!

So, all around, although I did have a computer crash that’s taken up the better portion of two workdays in time lost, it could have been much, much worse on any number of levels. Please take it from me: back up your computer today (yes, a computer crash can and will happen to you. It’s practically inevitable) and if you don’t have AppleCare on your Mac, and it’s still under a year since you bought the Mac, please go invest in Apple Care!

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