Conferences are on my mind right now because I’ve been doing a lot of them this year. I have a few short posts planned about conferences from an editor perspective.

For the editor (or agent) who’s not naturally extroverted (and even for those who are), going to conferences where we don’t really know anyone can be…challenging. Not only are we giving up a weekend (or longer) with our family, still having to return to a full work week after the conference, but we’re also entering into an experience that can feel uncomfortable and awkward. We go to cocktail parties, dinners, lunches and other social conference events and are forced to mingle. Remember that feeling of entering the high school lunch room, standing there with your tray, wondering where you could sit, who would talk to you? Riiiight. Now you understand.

So we’re actually grateful when people talk to us and draw us into conversation. It’s so much better than standing in the corner alone, feeling like you’re back in high school. Really.



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