I have so much love for this picture Brianna made me for an early Mother’s Day using some heart sticky notes I gave her (I got them in a goody bag from a conference last weekend!). She made every one of our family members in the house (including animals) their own face and labeled them. She’s really into making “I love my family” pictures of all of us, and this is just one of many, but I think this may be my favorite, because of sheer creativity.

On a slightly more hysterical note, they made these “about mom” sheets at school. The other day we were riding in the car and Brianna says “What’s your favorite food?” To which I respond, “Well, I really like spaghetti…” at that point, she interrupts and says, “But you like Chinese right? I mean you really like Chinese? Chinese is your favorite food?” What can I say at that point except “yes, yes it is”. And that’s when I hear coming quietly from the back ” Yes! Yes! I was right!” and I caught a fist pump out of the corner of my eye.

Fast forward to Mother’s Day and I receive the paper below. Please note what my favorite food apparently is? But even more hysterically? I was shocked to discover my favorite movie is apparently “Aliens in the Attic”. Err…okay (I’ve only ever seen it once, years ago in the theater). I guess I should be glad she got my name, eye and hair color right?

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