The next Before You Hit Send workshop starts next Monday, July 11th and the cost is $35. Starting in the fall, subsequent workshop prices will be rising to $49. As I’ve developed and given this course, attendees have, without fail, told me it’s underpriced. My reply has always been that I fear it will be harder to draw in new attendees at a higher price, because it’s only after people have paid and taken it, that they realize its worth. And my goal has always been to get the information in front of authors, because it’s worth it to me in the form of cleaner manuscripts. Though I’m not so altruistic that I’m going to offer it for free, as someone asked if I’d do on Facebook 😉

However, I’m going to be branching out and promoting the course in new venues. Venues that cost money, so I’ve decided to do two things 1) raise the price and 2) offer coupon codes at certain times. After a lot of market research of similar workshops, and seeing people charge not just 10x, but 20, 30, and 40x what I’m charging (yes, upwards of almost $1000) for writing workshops of comparative length, I feel comfortable that a price increase of $14 is not exorbitant or unreasonable. And I don’t want to undervalue the material.

I wanted to let people know of the price increase, in case they’d been thinking of waiting, so no one had reason to be angry that the price was unexpectedly raised without warning (though this is something that happens as a matter of course in commerce situations)

So if you have friends, chapter members, critique partners or otherwise who you feel would benefit from this course (and if they’re an author–aspiring or established–I’ll bet they’d benefit) please let them know that this is their final opportunity to take the workshop for the lower price.

Workshop registration can be found here.

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