The fall session of Before You Hit Send is starting next week. This looks like it will be a smaller, more intimate-sized class than previous sessions, so more opportunity to get my feedback on your work. I like that!

A few questions that I’ve gotten recently:

When is the next session?

The next session won’t be until late January 2012.

Do I have to have a finished manuscript to participate?

It’s not necessary to have a completed manuscript to work on, but it is helpful to have at least a partial manuscript to work on, so you can apply the lessons to a work-in-progress and see how they apply to and affect your writing.

I’m already published, will I learn anything?

Ahh, yes. Yes, you will. 3 intensive weeks of multiple lessons a day. I’d wager there’s still a lot left for many writers to learn about their craft!

I work as an editor/copy editor, can I take your course?

Yes, absolutely. We’ve used it for brushing up the skills of the freelance editors at Carina Press. Just like for authors, there’s always something new for editors to learn about their work (even me, I’m always learning!)

When’s the deadline to sign up?

I usually close sign up two days after the course starts, as I don’t want anyone to get too far behind.

Registration for the course is here

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