This past spring, several of the Carina Press freelance editors and myself donated critiques to the Brenda Novak auction. With the critiques was also the opportunity to have breakfast with the three of us. Unfortunately, one of the winners cannot attend RWA Nationals, so we’ve decided to pass the opportunity on to someone else, since it was all for charity anyway.

On Thursday, July 26th at 8am (yes, that’s early for some people!) in Anaheim, California, I’ll be hosting breakfast along with editors Mallory Braus and Rhonda Helms. We’ll be joined at breakfast by 4 authors via the Brenda Novak auction, and we’d like to invite one of you to join us. You can be a new author, aspiring author, self-published author, multi-published author or not even an author at all! Readers, bloggers, reviewers, editors…anyone who has the ability to attend the breakfast at that time and date is welcome to enter to win! (well, maybe not creepy old men looking to just have breakfast with some hot young chicks–that’s us. You guys shouldn’t enter, mmkay?)

This is your opportunity to pick our brains about books, editing, the publishing industry, Carina, our love lives, Harlequin or to just hang out and chat!

To enter, simply paste the first sentence of your book, work in progress,A? current favorite book, or a book you loved in the comments below. Make sure to include your name and when you fill out the comment form, a valid email address (no need to leave it in the comment box, I can see it in the dashboard). And please make sure you’re able and willing to attend on Thursday the 26th.

We’ll draw a winner next Wednesday morning, so you have time to plan. The drawing is random–the posting of first lines is just for our entertainment since we’re giving the breakfast away. If we get more than 50 entries, we’ll pick 2 entrants to join us (we feel this is a safe offer, since we don’t think there are 50 people out there who want to get up for breakfast at 8am. Have breakfast with us? Maybe. Get up that early? Haha, no!)

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