Can you hear me now?

So when Angela asked for any volunteers to post while she was away, I happily volunteered because, hey, I’ve got a book coming out in print August 2009.  My happiness quickly deflated when she said “But, this can’t be a strictly promotional post.  It should be fun and informative.”  Ugh!  I had five days to come up with something witty and I’m not very witty, especially on the spot.   In any event, with a little help from a friend, I came up with something that I hope meets the standards.


1.  There are guidelines even for your imagination.

2.  Writing is a solitary profession.

3.  I can come up with enough words to write an entire book.

4.  Characters don’t like it when you ignore them.

5.  Research can be fun and interesting.

6.  A plot is more than a final resting place.

7.  Research can be boring and tedious.

8.  The right critique partners are a blessing.

9.  It’s still about being in the right place at the right time.

10.  Promotion sucks.

11.  Getting published is only the beginning.

12.  Every story has already been told; you have to tell it with a new twist.

Now these are not in any particular order.  Over the eleven years I’ve been writing on a professional level, all of these things have come into play at different stages.  I know I’ll be dealing with them again.

Have a wonderful Sunday….

~~Sloan McBride  (

P.S.  Book One of my Time Walker Series, “The Fury” is coming out in print August 2009.  Please drop by my website to read reviews, an excerpt, and see the new book trailer I created.

The Fury

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