Jehovah, Christmas and quilts

Another hodge podge post. Yesterday I got Mormons, today Jehovah’s Witnesses. Do you think it’s the witch Halloween plaque I have hanging on the front door? And will I go to hell for throwing away religious literature?

In other news, I’m just finally catching up on my blog feeds. I had over 500 accumulate over vacation. Keep in mind I subscribe to a lot of craft blogs, so that was a good half. I love the craft blogs. I found something that sent a *ding* in my head. Someone had made a Halloween Countdown Calendar, which I thought was so cute. But about a month ago, I was searching and searching for an advent calendar I could make. I found a few but none that really resonated with me. I was frustrated and couldn’t believe how hard this was to find. Well, silly me, on the theme of religion it turns out that duh! Advent calendars have religious connotations. So today, after seeing the Halloween Countdown Calendar, I searched for Christmas Countdown Calendar. Ta da! I found several I can use. See, just the fact that I had the religious one in my head should mean the Mormons and JWs can skip my house.

As far as other crafts go, I’ve actually made several purses in the past few weeks. Playing with just basic patterns. I do have a different, slightly more complicated pattern I’m going to try at some point (the Wasp bag. You can Google it).

In the wings I have an outfit for Brianna that I’m going to attempt, from some cheap denim I picked up at Walmart. And I’m going to make a quilt. A patchwork quilt to start because it requires very little planning on my part. Just squares (which I admit to buying pre-cut because I hate cutting out patterns or fabric of any kind) and straight lines. If I can do that and enjoy it, I’ll move on to the Yellow Brick Road pattern a blog reader sent me (thank you, Phyl!) I’m hoping with the cutting part out of the way, I’ll enjoy it more (I like the sewing part best because, duh, it’s where you see things really come together and I’m impatient that way).

And at some point I’m going to go back to my recycled/fused plastic bags project. I got frustrated by a botched attempt at fusing but after reading up further, it looks as though it’s really trial and error until you get it right. Trial and error, I can do. Anyone out there working on something crafty?

Any quilters out there?

In the comments of my purse post, Phyl was trying to tempt me into trying quilting (she’s not alone in trying to tempt me. That damn Jane actually called me and harassed me about making children’s clothes. She’s evil 😉 ). Phylis and I exchanged emails offline and I said I might be interested in trying it, if it wasn’t too complicated. I don’t want to have to cut and piece a thousand pieces because I’m lazy like that. I like things to be relatively easy.

And then, I was reading a craft blog this morning, and I came across this fabric designer and fell totally in love with her fabrics. This Chocolate Lollipop series makes me want to buy yards of it and sew a thousand purses. I feel similarly about the Bohemian. But I don’t really need that many purses. But it would make for an incredibly funky quilt… all I know is that I lust after that fabric. Though it is mightily expensive and it’s silly for me to think about spending money on it when I’ve never even tried quilting. And probably I could find fabric to quilt with on the dollar table at Walmart. But oh my gosh, I love the patterns of this fabric.

So does anyone out there quilt? What do you love about it, hate about it? Do you think a beginner sewer should give it a try? And does anyone have access to a fabric warehouse they could just rob for me. I know you all long to commit larceny just to satisfy my prurient urges.

And behold! A purse was born

Okay, after three hours, much cussing and a 12:30am bedtime, I have a finished purse. I would have been done much earlier but I had to do the almost final step not once, not twice, but three times. Why? Because I thought the first time I’d mucked it up, so I ripped it out and did it opposite. Nope, turns out it was right the first time. So I had to fix my fix. Eek.

But I completed my first non-sweater purse, zippered pocket and all, and I’m thoroughly pleased with the results. No, it’s not the straightest, neatest, most professional purse ever but I don’t friggin’ care. You’d better love it, dammit. But really, for a purse that I probably have all of…less than $6 invested in, I’m totally thrilled with the way it turned out. And I’m ready to move on to the next one (this was my experimental purse with cheap fabric from Walmart’s dollar a yard section, now I have some oriental fabric I want to make into a cute purse).

For those wondering how I achieved this amazing feat, I followed the purse tutorial here, and the zippered pouch tutorial here, both of which were perfect. And my husband, who’s very patient with me, put the magnetic snap in for me. Yay!

Some pictures:


I find that…

When I have a lot on my mind or can’t concentrate on reading, I’ve been turning to sewing. I’m in the process of sewing a purse. I decided my purse HAD to have a zippered pocket in it after I found a tutorial. I’m now going to attempt to sew my first zipper ever. Wish me luck (I’ve been taking a few pictures of the process and I’ll be sure to share the finished product when I’m done. Aren’t you all just giddy with anticipation now?)

**Edited to add: Happy dancing around the room. I did it! And I didn’t even muck it up. Yes!

Sunday projects

I was supposed to go to an art show yesterday afternoon, but about halfway there Josh called me and said he needed the truck to go pick up Brianna (it’s the only vehicle we have that has air conditioning right now). It was too hot to contemplate driving out there without air, so I ended up skipping the art show.

Instead, I came home and did laundry (wheee!) and also sorted out a a huge trash bag (like the biiiiig ones) of clothes to give to Salvation Army. Before I do that, though, I’ll probably go through and pull out a few pieces to salvage for their material. After the laundry and sorting of clothes, I decided to do a few small craft projects.


Art smocks/Aprons for kids!

I’m posting this for my friend Penny, who’s a very talented seamstress and is trying to raise money for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation (see below). I’m getting one for Brianna and I hope someone out there will be interested in purchasing as well! Here’s what Penny has to say:

I have made up 2 different styles of artsmocks/ aprons. Reagan uses her Dora one as her ‘Spaghetti’ bib, she’ll also wear it if she’s eating a messy dinner, she won’t put on an old baby bib but she’ll wear this, so it’s a double purpose apron.

I am making these out of Quilt of Dreams fabric, it’s all bright fun colors and designs, 50 cents from each yard is donated straight back to St judes, I will be making girls, boys and gender neutral… I can’t show the specific fabric as they change it out a lot.

This is a fundraiser for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation, in memory of Jacob Duckworth… if you would like to read about this amazing little boy you can find his story at

I am selling these smocks/aprons for $15, I will ship anywhere in the U.S for free, for each one sold I am donating $5 to PCF.

Forms of payment accepted are PayPal…., personal check (orders will not be filled until the check has cleared) or cash.

To place an order please email me at, stating the style, for style B please add the clothing size that your child is currently wearing, and whether you want a boy or girl fabric, if fabric style is not stated then it will be a gender neutral fabric.

Here’s what I’m offering:


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