Crafty stuff again…

Last night I was a bit angry and upset (not at the husband or at work, just fyi) so I needed to do something that didn’t require a lot of concentration (ie no reading or editing). I decided to pull out my sewing machine, because I really love sewing and creating, it’s just not something I take the time to do very often.

I saw on someone’s Livejournal that they’d knitted a case for their Ebookwise. I commented that my Ebookwise was jealous (okay, it’s an inanimate object, *I* was the jealous one). So I decided to make use of one of the smaller pieces of felted sweater that I had and make an Ebookwise case. That didn’t take me long, so I also worked on the green felted sweater purse that I’ve had cut out since I did the last one. It’s not quite done yet but I love it already. Pictures after the jump (sorry for the poor quality of the pictures)


Want to see what I did this weekend?

One of the mom’s from my birth month board started a project last week–a purse made from a felted wool sweater. As it happens, I’d felted like 6 of my wool sweaters last year after seeing this project in Woman’s Day (I think). But then I lost the instructions on how to do it so I never got around to it. But after seeing the beginning of Jessica’s project, I got inspired and I pulled my sweaters out of the basement.


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