We made it!

I actually have some quiet time so I thought I’d better take advantage of that and do at least one blog post for the week. We’ve made it safely to Florida, are checked into our hotel and are having “naptime” (I’d much rather have computer time than naptime, which is why you’re getting a blog post).

We flew Southwest down here and I just have to say, hat tip to Southwest for the best flying experience I’ve had in the past six months (I’ve also flown Continental and AirTran). The ticket prices were a steal (less than $120 per person round trip), the flight was on time and smooth and the staff were not just friendly but actually looked as if they were enjoying their jobs.

Brianna seemed to enjoy her first plane ride and she was so good all morning (first a 2 hour car ride and then a 2 hour plane ride). Any misbehaving she did was incredibly minor. I couldn’t have asked for more from an almost-three year old.

Orlando has a beautiful airport and Brianna got her first sighting of Mickey (a plastic sculpture on a wall–she ran up and introduced her stuffed Mickey to him. “Look, there you are!”). We got our rental car (good thing we upgraded to the mid-size SUV or we’d have had to strap some luggage to the roof–a la National Lampoon) and got to the hotel in good time, compliments of the GPS (with only one small human error).

We’ve looked at some tourist brochures (hey, we ARE tourists after all), have decided that the Capone Dinner Show looks like a fun thing to do Friday night (for under $50 the three of us can eat, have free drinks–though I don’t think Brianna will benefit from that part–and get a 2 1/2 hour show). Tonight we’re going to find dinner…somewhere. And one night this week I’d like to check out one of these seafood buffets that seem to be everywhere.

Tomorrow, we’re off to see Sea World and Shamu. Thursday it’s Epcot (fun for Mom and Dad) and Friday it’s Magic Kingdom. We saved that for last because we didn’t want Brianna to think every day was going to be like Magic Kingdom. Then Saturday it’s off to Daytona Beach. Josh and I might actually get a child-free night out. He’s in a wedding on the beach that evening, then we have the reception dinner. After, the happy couple and some friends are heading out and the groom’s mom has offered to “watch” Brianna. I’m hoping that will just consist of Brianna sleeping in her room until we come and get her so she doesn’t have to deal with a cranky kid. Sunday’s plans are still up in the air and Monday, it’s home to all the work I’m not doing a very good job of ignoring (I answered a few emails earlier and Josh caught me with some work folders open since I was checking info before I answered the emails. I guess I need to be weaned away slowly).

Okay, nap time is over, my child is uber-whiny and it’s time for dinner.

I Dream of Dragons

The Dragon anthology releases Tuesday from Samhain Publishing. I got bored a few weeks ago and decided to try my hand at book trailers. This was the result. My attention does seem to wander to new ways to procrastinate, doesn’t it? Regardless, check out the video and head over to Samhain on Tuesday to buy the books!

Stick a fork in me…

I’m done. Two nights in a row of staying out late at the bar and I could probably sleep for a week. And just to clarify, those late nights didn’t even include heavy drinking. One drink each night. Yeesh. I guess I’m not 21 anymore, where I could party all night, drink heavily and get up and work/go to class with no problems after only 2 hours sleep! I need my solid eight.

But still, I had a fabulous birthday weekend. One of the best birthdays in recent memory. Here are some photos from the weekend:



Sweetie, close your eyes. I’m going to say nasty, nasty things about David Beckham and you don’t need to see them.

Ladies, let me just start off my game-night experience with the important stuff…I saw David Beckham without his shirt one! Fans of his will know that he always plays with a long-sleeved jersey, so before he went into the game last night, he changed into that. On the sidelines. And he took of his undershirt too. Presumably because it had been raining and it was soaked. Thank you, God. Whatever the reason, I saw David Beckham without his shirt on and I am not ashamed to say I squealed. Loudly.


My little cowgirl

I said I was ready for a picture of Brianna and tada! They appear like magic. I brought her home a pink cowboy hat that I picked up at Wild Bill’s Western Wear along with two hats for myself. She loves it.

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