I’m mostly amused…

Yesterday, I checked my email and found I had one comment in moderation here on the blog. It was for a post I’d written back in June of 2005 titled, “Breastfeeding is sooo not disgusting”. Apparently, if you Google “Breastfeeding is Disgusting” it turns out that I’m the number nine result. Who knew?

At first, I was a bit upset at the thought of someone leaving this comment, but that lasted all of about 30 minutes, then I was appalled. Now, I’m mostly amused as I re-read it, on so many levels.


Mud Pies

I took some pictures of Brianna playing in the mud last week. This child loves dirt, mud, sand, bugs and everything outside more than I can say. No girlie girl here! Clicking on the thumbnail should take you to a larger picture but instead seems to be giving an error message, which I’m working on fixing. In the meantime, you can still oooh at Brianna with mud on her face 😉

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