Not-Wordless Wednesday: Animal Kingdom

Not wordless because how can I be expected to just post a picture with no words? Words are my life! We had dinner at Animal Kingdom in one of the outdoor pavilions and there were birds everywhere. I even had a duck sit down right NEXT to my chair. He couldn’t have got any closer without sitting in my lap. But this guy cracked us up because when a nearby family left their table to go look at something, leaving their food unattended, he was quick to get over to the table, crane his neck up and pick food right from their plates. Enterprising!

Doing Disney (Part I)

The lovely Annmarie mentioned that my blog is much neglected (we all knew this) and that it had been far too long since I’d posted pictures of Brianna. At the end of July, we took a family vacation to DisneyWorld that coincided with a work conference for me. Of course, I took a hot ton of pictures so I’m going to share them. There’s no way I can put them all in one post, so I’m going to do 4 posts the next few Mondays and highlight one park each post. Annmarie will be sorry she ever asked for pictures of Brianna.

We’ll start with this photo, since it’s one of the first I took. We had just entered Animal Kingdom on a Thursday afternoon and none of us had on sunscreen yet. And since we’d only been outside a few minutes, we hadn’t had a chance to get hot and sweaty and look like wet noodles. I love this picture of Brianna, though, because she looks SO pretty. She’s extremely excited to be at DisneyWorld and I will say, that excitement didn’t end through the whole vacation. This is one child who enjoyed every single minute of her trip, start to finish. Disney was meant for her.

B at Animal Kingdom


Isn’t she beautiful?

From the Cinco de Mayo DC United soccer game. We had a fabulous time. DC United scored a goal and in celebration, B tossed up the confetti she’d made from shredding a game program. Unfortunately, confetti and cotton candy don’t mix. But she didn’t care…

My Future American Idol?

Today was a Mother’s Day program at B’s daycare. The 2-year-old class did some nursery rhymes (and were so adorable doing it) and the 3-5 year olds sang a variety of songs including “You are My Sunshine” and “Doe-Ray-Mi”. The first song, though was an animal song I’ve never heard before and each child was supposed to dress as an animal. Supposedly, Brianna chose to be a pig, though this morning, in a fit of dramatics that would do Elizabeth Taylor proud, she sobbed uncontrollably that she didn’t want to be a pig and that the teacher had said she had to be a pig. Regardless, we moved past the dramatics and B went on to be a very cute little piglet.

As generally happens, I got a lot of great shots of other people’s children, but most of the ones of B didn’t turn out that great. Except this one, which I adore, because it shows her singing her little American Idol heart out. Most of the kids were incredibly shy and either sang quietly or not at all. Not my diva. She belted out those tunes like she was born to the stage. This picture? Makes me laugh out loud every time I see it. She looks so earnest, doesn’t she?

Wordless Wednesday

(seriously, how do people do Wordless Wednesday without saying stuff. I want to SAY stuff about this picture, dammit. So I’ll at least say that I took this picture at the beach a few weeks ago.)


Lightning Round

Let’s do a lightning round of things I’ve been meaning to post about the past week:

In the past two weeks I’ve been in New York City, had my parents visit, been to Toronto and the Harlequin offices and been laid out by a cold. I think my body is formally protesting.

Have you visited the <a href=“”>Carina Press blog</a>? We’ve been posting covers over there.

I hate Facebook Pages. That’s all.

Brianna’s mind is quick as hell. I can’t keep up. Earlier in the week she was firing off questions at me faster than I could keep up, including some deep theology questions (“where did God come from?”). My favorite: “Who borned the first person if there was no one to borne them?” (I had no warning leading up to this question). Second favorite: “Why don’t babies get borned from our mouths?”

She also caught me saying someone’s child was homely (and now all of you are wondering if it was your child. I assure you, it wasn’t) and she said “what’s homely?” I feel like a walking dictionary lately because she asks for the definition of everything. I wasn’t expecting to have to tell her what homely is when I’d just used it about someone’s child, though (shame on me). Thankfully, while I was looking up the most innocuous definition of homely I could find, she decided I must have said “lonely” and came up with THAT definition all on her own (“oooh, you mean she’s all alone”). Whew. Note to self: watch what you say!

My travel schedule is picking up. I hope I have time to visit the beach this summer. Is it summer yet? I’m happy to report that most of the snow has melted, though we do still have a giant pile in the front yard.

Last, while my parents were in town, I snapped a bunch of pictures. We went to the beach to collect shells (yes it was cold and yes we are crazy) and I got some great pictures of family, the wild ponies, other wildlife and a random seagull. Below is one of my favorites: my dad and Brianna. It makes me smile because it’s a perfect moment captured.


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