Let there be snow (and pictures)

I promised myself on February 1st I’d turn my attention to breathing life back into my poor blog. It was never my intention to be absent this long, but my energies, by necessity, had to be focused elsewhere. However, I have no intention of closing down this blog or letting it die, so I’m going to pour some of that energy into thinking of how to be interesting on multiple blogs at once. Wish me luck!

Those of you who’ve been reading my blog since the beginning–five years! I missed my blog birthday back in January during my blog hiatus– have also been watching Brianna grow up, and we’ve gone far too long without pictures of her on the blog. I share them on Twitter, but I know many of you aren’t on Twitter (or aren’t paying attention on Twitter) so I have to show you how .5 (her name before she was born because we refused to tell anyone what we were naming her until after she was born) has grown up. She’s such a little girl, with quite the (stubborn) personality. Incredibly fun, and funny, bright and imaginative, and way too charming for her own good, she’s really an amazing joy to spend time with.

We got about ten inches of snow dumped on us this past weekend. More snow than we’ve ever gotten at any one time in the decade I’ve lived here. Brianna was beside herself with joy. I grew up in North Dakota but she’s the one who longs for the snow they get there (I don’t get it, myself). Here’s a few quick pics of her, and the dogs, romping in the snow.


Day two of new things to share

Something else exciting happened! This weekend, we took a trip to Washington D.C. for the weekend. We’d gotten tickets to the Metropolitan Food Show, and to see Guy Fieri give a presentation (he was an absolute riot, really. Very funny guy and I’m so glad we got to see him). I got us a room in Inner Harbor of Baltimore so Sunday we could walk around the Inner Harbor and visit the Aquarium. The weather cooperated so well, it was almost 70 for our walk around the Inner Harbor. Brianna loved every minute of the aquarium and kept saying it was “the best day of my life!” I got some good shots of her, here’s a few:

From 2009-11-10


When the editor is away…

I had such a great day today, that I chose 2 Random winners!
KATIEBABS and HEATHER, please use the CONTACT form on my website to email me your choice of book, and snail mail information. (And yes, Heather, as a Canadian, I don’t limit where I sent my prizes, so Australia is fine. )

Congratulations, ladies!

* * * * *

So, Angie James has gone to the RWA National conference, and she’s left the keys to her blog with a couple of people, me, Sasha White, being one of them.

It was a spur of the moment thing, so I don’t have an official post prepared.  I’m not going to talk serious writing business, and I’m not going to use this to guest spot to simply promote my books. (Although if you want to read a free sample of my writing or two..check out these Free Reads…and tell Angie if you like them. *bats eyes innocently*)  What I am going to do is talk about Angie while she’s not here.  Yep. I’m gonna do it, and I think you’ll like what I have to say.

Angie2The first time I met Angie was at the 2007 RT conference in Houston.  I’d already had a book out with Samhain for a year, but Angie was not my editor.  My current Samhain editor was at that conference, but she showed no interest in talking to me, or listening to me pitch any more stories.  Angie, however, did. When I think back on it she was really  just being polite, but when she agreed to let me take a picture of her legs for a blog project, I knew she had a good sense of fun too, and it made me really want to work with her. I mean come on, what editor do you know that would be willing to flash her legs so the author could put the picture on her blog?

Although, I can’t be sure I didn’t promise to keep the picture anonymous. If I did promise that, it was a few years ago and surely the promise would be forgotten by now. Right?

HNT_RT_01Anyway, moving on. So, for whatever reasons things changed and soon Angie was my editor at Samhain. However, around that time I was also buried under several deadlines for other publishers, and time flew by without me sending anything to her. Then when I managed to come out from under those deadlines I was so burnt out on writing that I had to take some time off. (For those interested in that story, I’ll be doing a workshop at Romance Divas on Friday on Burnout- How to Avoid it;How to Deal with it)

So… it’s now 2009, and I still have not actually sent the amazing Angela James a story. I still call her my editor, and think of her as my editor, but uhmm, I haven’t sent her anything to edit in uhmmm…yeah..moving on…. What can I say? I still really want to work with her. (I’m twisted that way, I want an evil editor that will crack the whip. It shows me that she actually wants me to write for her.) Despite my lack of performance as an author, she still takes the time to meet with me at every conference. In 2008 we had a lunch together, just the two of us. In 2009, we had margaritas together while a friend and I pitched a story to her. She smiles (Note the pictures as proof), she laughs, she knows my name. She’s professional, yet fun. Serious, yet not scary or intimidating. And I really don’t think she’s as innocent as she looks, but I have no proof.

Maybe someone will come back from this RWA Conference with proof. What do you think? Anyone out there have any stories about Angela James they’d like to share? If you have a story, photo or tidbit you want to share, please do so in the comments.

And if you just want to win a FREE Sasha White BOOK, then say so in the comments. Winners Choice of my available backlist. (I don’t have copies of all of my books, but I do of most of them) I’ll draw a random name tomorrow morning, and update this post with the Winner.


That kid

That girl

We had swimming lessons last night and sadly, my daughter was “that kid”. Oh, you know the one I mean. The kid that’s bratty and disruptive to the class and the other kids trying to learn. The one that doesn’t listen to the teacher, doesn’t pay attention and goofs off every time his back is turned? Yeah, that kid. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one frustrated with her–the teacher seemed frustrated too. What’s sad is that she really needs these lessons, she loves the water so she needs to learn how to swim. And watching her compared to the other two boys in her class, their skills are a lot better.

She spent a lot of time being “girlie” too. You know, screaming and shrieking when the teacher tried to get her to do something. Picture a woman with a high-pitched falsetto saying “save me, Mr. Baron, please save me!” *hand to brow* Yeah, that’s my daughter.

So she didn’t seem to get much out of the swim class and I don’t think the teacher felt too interested in teaching a shrieking, screaming, obnoxious girl when he had two boys who were attending to what he was saying and doing a great job of performing.

No amount of me talking to her seemed effective either. The child believes she can just smile charmingly at me (or the teacher) and we’ll think she’s so cute that all is forgiven. I’m not sure where she gets that idea, it’s not like it’s worked for her in the past (at least not with her father and I, I think a few past teachers have fallen for it).

Anyone want a cute, charming, irritating 4 y/o girl to come live with them for oh…14 years?

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