Mrs. Miracle: A spoiler request

It’s a long story, but last night our babysitter (a very nice older lady) ended up hanging out at our house for about an hour after we got home, and I gave her control of the remote. She switched it to Debbie Macomber’s Mrs. Miracle, but the movie had already been on for an hour so we only saw the last half. It was actually a pretty cute movie (as evidenced by the fact that my brother and I kept watching the end, even after the babysitter left), though it wasn’t something we’d have ever turned it to ourselves. But because we came in late, we never got to find out what the sister did to Reba (the heroine) that was so horrible she wouldn’t speak to her for four years. I Googled for spoilers, but I couldn’t find the answer. So, I’m turning to you guys for the answer if you’ve read the book or seen the movie. What the heck did she do?

Whoo! Hey Buffy fans!

Remember that great Amazon deal on the Buffy set I shared a few weeks ago? Well guess what! They have the Angel set on special today only for $50! 64% off the list price. Sweeeet.

(btw, that Buffy set is now selling on Amazon for $186 so I hope you got in on the uber-cheap price!)

Angel – Seasons 1-5 30-Disc DVD Set

Sons of Anarchy

Did anyone watch the first season of Sons of Anarchy? The season finale was last night and I’d love to hear your thoughts. This show broke my heart with last week’s episode and I’m not even a faithful watcher (it’s “Josh’s” show and I just end up being sucked in if I’m in the room). So…anyone else out there want to gossip about the show?

David Tennant to say farewell to Doctor Who

Waaaah! I never thought I’d like him as Doctor Who, but I really love him now and I’m going to miss him. It will be interesting to see who they get next.

We’ll see five more specials with him in them and then see a new Doctor in 2010.

You’re not leaving immediately – you’ve got another year for the specials. Can you tell us about that?

We’ve already shot the Christmas special for this year called The Next Doctor, which in the circumstances is perhaps a more intriguing title than it was before. We see the 10th Doctor meeting another Doctor.

And then in January we’ll film four more specials, which will be screened throughout next year, and they’ll be the four last stories that I do.

I don’t quite know when they’ll go out, but they’ll go out sometime throughout 2009.

For Doctor Who fans

Sci Fi Channel buys Season Four and Sarah Jane
from Outpost Gallifrey: Doctor Who News

The Sci Fi Channel has announced they have acquired both series four of Doctor Who and Series one of The Sarah Jane Adventures. Both series are due to screen on the channel in April. The Futon Critic reports that the two programmes will join Battlestar Galactica on Friday nights, with The Sarah Jane Adventures premiering on 11th April and the new series of Doctor Who launching on 18th April with Voyage of the Damned. Thanks to Tim Collins


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