Sad and depressed

Every morning for as long as Brianna’s been going to daycare, and any other time I’m in the car, I’ve tuned my radio station to 95.3. Why? Because they did the Eighties at Eight every morning. Hello! A whole hour of eighties music? Yes, I have turned into my parents, listening to the songs of my “youth” but c’mon, who doesn’t love the eighties? During the rest of the day, the station played a great mix of 80s, 90s and current, all top 40 stuff. It was easy to listen to and I knew I wouldn’t be hating on most of the music.

Today, my heart was shattered. I dropped Brianna off at daycare, flipped the radio to my fave station and heard…Bob and Sheri’s Chatroom. Who the hell are Bob and Shari, who’s this dude they’re letting blather on about nothing particularly interesting (random caller) and where’s the Eighties at Eight? Gone, it seems. Looks like the radio station is restructuring and they’re piping in a syndicated morning talk show. Can I just say blech? Every other radio station in the area already does morning talk shows (some local, some syndicated). I could have switched to one of them at any time if I wanted to listen to a bunch of people who will drive me insane and raise my blood pressure with their stupidity, and rambling, pointless, inane opinions. I want music, not talk. I WANT MY MTV. Errr…sorry. So anyway, I flipped through all the other local stations and the only one not “talking” was a country station. I like country, it’s why I have it programmed, but not enough to listen to it all the time. I’m so sad! I want my eighties, I want Jeff and Karen back in the morning, I want music. I don’t want change. I don’t LIKE change. Waaaaaah.

It looks like I’ll be loading up my mp3 player again, and plugging it into the car stereo. I wonder if it’s too late to invest in Sirius radio….


Having the Rachael Ray show on the TV in the women’s locker room at the gym. Who’s idea was that?

Freaking Shelfari

I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but I’m about ready to commission a voodoo doll directed at the people who run Shelfari. I’m beyond annoyed at the flood of spam that I’ve gotten from people who have me in their address book. And not just one email address, multiple email addresses. And yahoo groups.

Everyone keeps saying that they “checked the wrong box” and let it harvest their address books (and people, if you can’t work out which one to check and which one to not, it’s time to step away from the computer for awhile). I haven’t visited the site and I sure won’t be, but that doesn’t stop me from sending evil thoughts towards Shelfari and those who are having trouble working it. I get enough email in a day, I don’t need to be flooded with messages encouraging me to join Shelfari. Can you tell I’m beyond annoyed? This is ridiculous and the worst thing is, there’s no way to stop them from coming in. I can set up my Outlook to send them directly to junk mail, but my business address also is delivered to my Blackberry. So regardless I get to see them there.

Why yard sales suck…

This could probably be a Thursday Thirteen but we all know how motivated I’ve been to do those lately so I’m just going to rant on now. You know why yard sales suck? (suddenly, I got this image of myself as Joe Pesci in the Lethal Weapons movies going “They f**k you at the drivethrough.” Yard sales suck because you spend at least a week before the yard sale getting ready and stressing about it. And contemplating just taking the whole lot to Goodwill. But then thinking that the cash in hand rather than the tax write off would be nice. So you go through the hassle of getting it all together and thinking about pricing it. But you don’t price it because you’re lazy and you don’t want to (but maybe that’s just me).

So then you get up at six am on a SATURDAY morning (isn’t there a law against that) when you’ve been up until midnight because it was Mom’s Night Out the night before (rocking good time, btw). You get up at six am to set things out for the yard sale that’s been advertised to start at 7am (neighborhood association does all that advertising, which is a good thing in my book) and some nutjobs are already cruising past your house and actually digging through stuff while you’re trying to put it out. And price it since you were too lazy to do it earlier in the week. Someone once told me they post a sign in their yard that says “Early birds pay double.” I like that. But I’m just ornery like that.

Finally, about halfway through pricing and unpacking boxes, as you’re watching your husband still carrying even more boxes, you realize you have a lot of junk. And you think about all the money you’ve spent buying that junk over the years and you wonder, “What in the bleeding hell was I thinking?” and you get all that junk unpacked but you only get about half of it priced because you realize, after the fifth person has asked you for a price on something already tagged, people are morons so there’s really no point. They’re going to ask regardless of the blazing yellow price tag on that piece of junk they’re holding.

And then it gets to you. The haggling. The scowling. The rude comments because NO you won’t sell your paperbacks for less than 50 cents because they’re worth more online trading at Paperback Swap. And the guy who told you not to call him sir (I call everyone sir, ma’am. Polite, yes?) when you wouldn’t cut him a deal on said books? You call him sir a good five more times because he can just kiss your… and you wonder at what point in life it happened that a paperback book isn’t even worth 50 cents to people? Because that’s just sad and depressing and since you’re in the business of publishing it kind of makes you want to go find a dark cave and eat some of those Doritos your wonderful husband brought home for you after reading the comments on your blog earlier in the week.

Finally, the yard sale is over and look! You still have lots of junk. People bought stuff you would never have expected anyone to buy. And no one bought the stuff you thought would surely sell. You made…hm. Oh goody, a hundred dollars. Was it worth it? Uh, well, we did get motivated to go through the basement and clear out a lot of stuff. And it all went right onto the trailer for the Salvation Army so it’s an “easy” tax write off now. But truthfully? Yard sales suck. Because it just drives home how people want something for pretty much nothing. But yayyy! It’s done and holy moses did we get rid of a lot of stuff to Salvation Army in the end. It’s that much less stuff we have to worry about for moving and I’m sure there will be another load before we move.

Quiet blogger…

Because I don’t deal well with leaving town or having an overly full schedule. My brain gets stressed and when it gets stressed, it shuts down. And then I can’t think of a thing to blog about or focus my brain long enough to get a coherent post out.

Josh and I are going to Georgia, leaving this evening. Brianna is staying with my MIL until Sunday. She’ll have a great time, be thoroughly spoiled and probably fully rotten when we get back.

We’re going to check out the area while we’re down there, spend some time with Crissy. One night we’re going to meet up with Josh’s best friend and his wife. Josh hasn’t seen them since their wedding…three years ago? And I’ve only met Greg once, almost five years ago, but never his wife, so we’re looking forward to that.

Otherwise, we don’t have big plans for while we’re there, just looking around mostly.

In the meantime, I still have laundry to do. None of the three of us are packed. Oh, and I woke up this morning with my eye feeling like it had something in it. Burning ooh burning. And light sensitive? To take Brianna to daycare, I had to wear a pair of Brianna’s cheap, like 25cent sunglasses because they’re huge and dark and fit over my glasses. I looked special 😉 I have an eye appointment in an hour and a half and I’m really cussing because, darn it, leaving town is hard enough without adding something like this in to the mix!

Last thing, I did pick winners for the Left Behind contest last week, but I’m not going to announce them until I get back because I don’t want anyone waiting for a package I won’t be able to mail until next week.

Why I’m sticking with Netflix (or why Blockbuster online sucks)

I’m a member of Netflix, have been for about six months. I like it, there’s a distribution center near me, so I get my DVDs uber-fast. And I’ve never had any significant problem with them but last week when we started to watch Battlestar Galactica, we discovered that they had sent me The Miniseries as disc one, but as disc two, they sent disc two of the series. Which means a disc was missing in between (the first four episodes of the actual season one). They had JUST shipped me new movies, so I knew it would be five or six days, at least, before I could get the disc I needed (including shipping time to me and me returning to them and then shipping time of new discs back to me), and trying to figure out just which disc that was didn’t seem worth the hassle, so I decided to give Blockbuster Online a whirl, figuring I could get the first three discs in the series a day or two quicker and not “waste” my queue spaces with Netflix.

Ha! I should have stuck with Netflix because Blockbuster? Total bust. (play on words intentional).


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