“sign” language

I know I write a lot here about Brianna, but honestly, she makes me laugh so often, I have to share. I think I’ve shared with some of you that Brianna has, in the past few months, taken to communicating through her drawing and some signs. One night she was so upset with us, she taped a sign to her door. It was dark in the hallway, so she turned on a flashlight and propped it up so it was spotlighting the sign–so we’d be sure not to miss it. Dramatic six year old! But last night, we got a series of signs after I yelled at her. Actually, we often get “messages” after I yell at her. I think because I generally hold on to my patience longer than Josh does, and she comes to me when he yells at her, so when I yell, it’s even more emotionally upsetting. So let me share last night’s sequence of events with you. She goes to bed and I follow her up, because I’m collecting laundry. I ask her a series of questions, get “I don’t know” answers to all and lose my patience with both the answers and how messy her room is. I go back downstairs and am summoned upstairs by my brother 15 minutes later, who’s noticed this:

Translation: I love you but please keep out. At least she still loves us, right?

A few minutes later, these are slipped under the door.


In case it’s not clear, that’s Josh and I yelling, her crying and her heart broken. Dramatic much?

But apparently I haven’t broken her heart quite enough to stop a plea for help, because a few minutes later we get this under the door:

Translation: Mom help. A mosquito. A big one (I give her props for even attempting to spell mosquito at six years old. A for effort!) This sign sent me into hysterics. Why she didn’t CALL for me at this point, I don’t know (possibly because I told her not to come out of her room again, lol). Seriously, I love this kid and her “sign” language. (btw, there really was a big mosquito)


Not-So-Wordless Wednesday: PreK BBQ

I was going to do a contest today, but was already overwhelmed by the sheer amount of Twitter and FB messages I got for my birthday, so I’m going to delay the contest a few days.

Last weekend, we attended a PreK graduation BBQ hosted by the parents of one of B’s classmates. Several of B’s teachers showed up, as did several of the other children who are moving from preK to kindergarten in the next few weeks. In conversation with the director, we realized that Brianna has been going there for four years and is one of two children who’ve been there the longest. They opened their doors in August 2006 and Brianna started going in November 2006, just after her 2nd birthday. I think we’re all going to miss that facility.

Here are a few pictures from that evening. I don’t like to post other people’s children so I chose a few of just B and Josh.

Brianna spent a ton of time riding this scooter (many of the adults also took a turn on it. Here’s a hint: they don’t mix with beer).

This is Ms. Rosemary, who’s been Brianna’s teacher for the past three years. We’re going to miss her.

Proof that my husband is just a big kid.

Further proof.

Happy Birthday to @themisterjoshua Contest!

For those of you not on Twitter and living in my Twitter world, @themisterjoshua is my husband. And today is his birthday. I’m not going to tell you how old he is, but I’ll be 35 next week and he’s 2 years older than me (okay, I only didn’t tell you if you can’t add). I’ve been wanting to hold a contest here on the blog, because I have a small ton of promo items and signed books from RT and RWA that I need to give away. I figured the occasion of Josh’s birthday makes for a good excuse, no?

Maybe you’re wondering about this dude we’re having a contest in honor of. That’s him, on the Magic Carpet ride with Brianna at Disney. He’s a cool dad, very fun (but still stern, he doesn’t leave the parenting to me!). If it’s a choice between Mommy or Daddy doing bedtime, Daddy gets picked hands down because he’ll have her screaming with laughter. He’s Brianna’s biggest fan and supporter. It’s obvious he loves his girl and believes she can do anything she sets her mind to.

He’s also an amazing husband. He thinks he’s not, so he’s always trying harder to be. He spoils me, he’s an excellent partner in life and he makes me laugh. A lot. Even when I’m cranky. He makes me martinis (I’m drinking one he made as I write this), he listens when I talk and he’s fun to go on dates with. It’s easy to see how we became friends and then it turned into something more. I’m very lucky to have him.

And I want to share that good fortune with you. So we’re going to celebrate his birthday with a massive giveaway. Here’s what you can win:

1) Canvas tote bag from RWA.

2) A Carina Press water bottle (really nice one, like we gave out at RWA)

3) A Carina Press portfolio and pen

4) Signed books by these authors.

JR Ward. Yes, I said JR Ward. I have a signed copy of Dark Lover here for giveaway

Skin Game by Ava Gray

Rebels and Lovers by Linnea Sinclair

Fault Line by Barry Eisler

Lessons Learned by Kate Davies.

Those are all signed by the authors!

5) Books (none signed):

The Truth About Lord Stonevill by Sabrina Jeffries

The Fairy Godmother by Mercedes Lackey

Shelter Mountain by Robyn Carr

The Intrigue Collection (Harlequin anthology)

The Tomb by F. Paul Wilson

There you go! Ten books, 5 signed, 5 not, plus some promo items. But wait! There’s more!

6) Carina Press free download of your choice.

7) Mickey Mouse coffee mug (in honor of our Disney trip)

There you go, a massive gift for you to celebrate my husband’s birthday. What do you have to do to win? Two ways to enter:

1) If you’re on Twitter, go wish @themisterjoshua happy birthday and include the hashtag #b-daywish (that’s the exact tag I’ll be tracking) and this link: http://ow.ly/2r2kz

example: Happy birthday @themisterjoshua #b-daywish http://bit.ly/drUuGy (you need to include the hashtag, I’m tracking entries via the hashtag, even though it doesn’t show up as a “proper” hashtag bcuz of the dash. It’s okay, I’m still tracking it!)

But, of course, you should feel free to be more creative with your birthday wishes.

2) If you’re not on Twitter, wish him happy birthday here in the comments.

Contest notes/rules: The contest will run until Saturday, August 21st and I’ll choose and announce a winner on Monday. You’ll need to come back and see if you’re the winner and claim your prize. The contest is open internationally but international winners (those outside the US) must be willing to pay shipping. I’m sorry, but experience tells me shipping for a package of this weight would be around $50 so if you’re not able to help with that, please don’t enter. Please enter only once, either here or on Twitter. Good luck!

But most of all…happy birthday to my husband. I love you!

Isn’t she beautiful?

From the Cinco de Mayo DC United soccer game. We had a fabulous time. DC United scored a goal and in celebration, B tossed up the confetti she’d made from shredding a game program. Unfortunately, confetti and cotton candy don’t mix. But she didn’t care…

Locker room realizations

Today after we worked out, I casually mentioned to Josh that his brother had called just as I’d reached the locker room (I had Josh’s phone since he doesn’t get a locker, just gives me his few things). When he asked what he’d had to say, I said I didn’t know as there are rules against using cell phones in the locker room. I supposed (aloud) that it was so no one had the opportunity to take pictures with them. I then tossed out a comment about how often I get an eyeful of naked women in the locker room.

He was shocked. Apparently, being naked somehow doesn’t occur in the men’s locker room? Or if it does, it occurs infrequently, in haste or out of sight of other men. Whereas in the women’s locker room, it’s not unusual to see women in various states of dress, including buck naked, walking around, drying their hair and watching TV (yes there’s a TV in the locker room).

But he reports that men don’t do that. And that if you have to be naked in the men’s locker room, you do it quickly. Or you’re only naked under a towel, even to take under off/put them on. Okay, that image made me laugh because…really?

It seems that men don’t want to look at other men’s dangly bits, or have theirs seen. It must make having to use those public urinals particularly painful.

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