Who’d have thought it…

I’ve been in a serious reading slump. Not that I’m not reading, but all my reading for almost 6 weeks has been almost exclusively work–edits and submissions (though I did read and finish Right Here, Right Now by HelenKay Dimon. Fabulous dialogue!). I have some great books that I want to read but my motivation, at the end of the work day, has been lacking. I thought maybe I was going to have to wait until the next JD Robb book before I found my groove–I will come out of any reading slump for a new Eve and Roarke story.

But then I saw this on Meljean Brook’s blog and…tada! Who’d have thought that fanfic would be what brought me out of my reading slump? I don’t normally read fanfic, don’t seek it out on the internet and don’t actually think I’ve ever read more than a paragraph or two of any fanfiction before. But for Firefly, for a novel length story, I made an exception. And I’m so glad I did. Reading this book is transporting–it’s like watching the show, being there with the characters. I’m not a huge TV fan, I watch Doctor Who and Torchwood, loved Buffy, La Femme Nikkita and Sex and the City. And Firefly. And I mourn Firefly. I want it to come back. Even now, years later. Of all the shows I’ve loved and lost *smirk* this is the one that I feel ended way before its time. Bring Firefly back. *sob*

If you love Firefly like I do, check out the Firefly fanfic by Stephen Brust. You won’t be sorry you did.

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