Samhain is open to submissions

Samhain is open to submissions.

In the most recent issue of the RWA’s Pro newsletter (Prospects) it was reported that Samhain is closed to submissions. We’re unsure where the erroneous information came from, but we are not closed to submissions and have no plans to be. We continue to accept submissions in all genres of romance, as well as science fiction/fantasy/urban fantasy all with romantic elements. Submissions guidelines can be found All questions and submissions can be directed to

We hope you’ll help us out by posting this correction on your local and specialty chapter loops.

Thank you!

Angela James, Executive Editor

**permission to forward granted**

Help an editor out

I have a question for all the authors and aspiring authors reading along. When you send in a submission to an editor, is there a period of time that you think an editor responds too quickly? No, don’t laugh, seriously!

I’ve been reading a lot of slush submissions recently, trying to find some shorter length books to fill holes in my schedule. As we’ve discussed before, editors and agents rarely read the whole of a submission they’re going to reject. So if I’m going to reject a book, I can tell quickly (that means if you’re waiting to hear from me and have been waiting, it’s a positive sign because I take longer with acceptances, on the whole, as I have to read the whole manuscript once, maybe twice and then contemplate it). But I’m not sure if it’s better to send a rejection the day or a few days after the book has been received, and put the author out of their figurative misery, or to wait a certain amount of time to give them the warm, fuzzy feeling that their book has received due consideration (the book has received due consideration either way, but I know how perception can play a part in this).

So, what do you think? Rejection letters as soon as I know, regardless of whether it’s the day after submission, or wait a week or so to let the author revel in that nerve wracking feeling of waiting to hear?

Sci Fi/Fantasy authors

You might be interested in this two part series that Heather from The Galaxy Express is doing on Samhain Publishing and me. Today, Heather has an impressive post up with links to some of my past interviews and quotes from those interviews. She talks about why science fiction/fantasy authors might want to consider a small press publisher.

Tomorrow, in part two, she’ll have a new interview with me up (where I get to talk about my love of Firefly).

You can check out part one here.

Call for submissions: I’m too sexy for my shape!

I’m too sexy for my shape!

Bad boys and wild girls. Cats, wolves, dragons and hamsters (just kidding about the hamsters…really). We’re looking for the best of your shifters, no holds barred. Show us your sexy, your untamed and all the growls, purrs and squeaking hamster wheels (still kidding about this part) you think we can handle.

Samhain Publishing is seeking submissions for their as-yet-untitled Summer 2009 shapeshifter anthology. Stories can be of any genre or heat level—make them fun, make them sexy, make them burn right off the pages but whatever you do, they must feature a shifter theme as integral to the story. M/m or same-sex submissions welcome and anticipated.

Submissions should be 20,000 to 30,000 words in length. This anthology is open to all authors previously published with Samhain and authors aspiring to publish with Samhain. Submissions must be new material; previously published material will not be considered.

Chosen manuscripts will be published as separate ebooks under their individual titles in Summer 2009 but will be combined in print titles for Spring 2010 print release.

To submit a manuscript for consideration, please include:

The full manuscript (of 20,000 to 30,000 words) with a comprehensive 2-5 page synopsis. Please include a letter of introduction/query letter. Full manuscripts are required for this as it’s a special project.

Important! When sending your manuscript/synopsis please name them: SS_Title_full/synopsis. For instance, if you’re writing a book called Hot Hamster Love (which we sincerely hope you’re not because that title is ours, darn it!), you’d name your manuscript SS_HotHamsterLove_full and your synopsis SS_HotHamsterLove_synopsis.

Following this naming convention insures that your manuscript/synopsis don’t get lost in the mess of files and submissions we save to our computers, and helps us keep them separate from normal submissions. And keeps them neat and tidy on the ebook reader! It’s harder when you have 50 files called “Synopsis” to know which to look at.

Submissions are open until March 1st, 2009 and final decision will be made by March 23rd,2009.

Send your submission to

Please put Sexy Shifters Anthology Submission in the subject line. Query letters can be addressed to Angela James.

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